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Breast Augmentation in Buffalo, NY

Western New York’s premier plastic surgery office, Buffalo Plastic Surgery, features all procedures for both your face and body. Dr. Tamara B. Dawli founder of Buffalo Plastic Surgery is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. As an Ivy-league, New York City trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, she combines her modern artistry and world class training to provide women breast augmentation. Women in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area contact us now to schedule your breast implant consultation with Dr. Dawli at Buffalo Plastic Surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation?

With breast augmentation, you may achieve a natural look with a restored sense of body balance through the use of breast implants. Sometimes referred to as a “boob job”, breast augmentation may be an ideal solution for those patients who feel self-conscious about their naturally small breasts. Enhance your curves and cleavage with breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Your breast augmentation costs will be discussed during your consultation. We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and checks, and also offer convenient financing options

Breast Augmentation in Buffalo, NYWhy Choose Breast Augmentation?

While breast augmentation will not address excessive sagging, which can be addressed with a breast lift, breast augmentation may help give you the body and confidence you want by enhancing the shape and roundness of your breasts. Have you always aspired to have a curvier breast contour? Natural-looking breast augmentation may be the right choice for you.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Are you are looking for a way that may enhance your beauty and your body? Do you want to improve your self-image by restoring body symmetry? Have you always wanted bigger breasts? If you answered yes to any of these questions, breast augmentation may be right for you.

What is the Procedure for Breast Augmentation?

Done under general anesthesia, the breast augmentation begins with carefully placed incisions made to minimize any evidence of scarring. Dr. Dawli skillfully inserts your implants to enhance fullness and breast volume. Sutures are used to carefully sculpt the precise roundness and shape that you desire.

Video Testimonial

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For more information, see our breast augmentation brochure

Residents of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Williamsville, Amherst, Clarence, Hamburg, and West Seneca, can schedule a consultation now with Dr. Tamara B. Dawli, Western New York’s premier cosmetic surgeon, and American Society of Aesthetic Surgery fellowship-trained plastic surgeon for both women and men of all ethnicities. Dr. Tamara B. Dawli performs procedures for both the face and body at Buffalo Plastic Surgery at multiple locations throughout Western New York. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your overall shape, current size, and skin available for breast augmentation will be important in determining the size of your breasts. If you have little or no breast tissue, very tight skin or are young, there will be a greater limit to how large the implants you elect can be. Patients that want to be very large can do so if there is available soft tissue for coverage; otherwise, this may require more than one procedure.
Scars from a breast augmentation are short and generally well-hidden in the crease underneath your breast and can be covered up by a bra or bathing suit top. Incisions around the areolar are also very well hidden.
While breast implants have the potential to last a lifetime, the manufacturers do not consider them ‘lifetime items’, meaning that breast implants have the possibility of leaking over time. If a saline implant leaks, the fluid inside the implant is absorbed by the body. Replacement can be performed at a good time for the patient. Silicone implants are now made so that even if their outer shell ruptures, the silicone inside remains intact and will likely not leak outside of the shell.
A saline implant has a silicone rubber shell filled with sterile saltwater. A silicone implant has the same shell filled with a silicone gel that is FDA approved. Many consider silicone implants to feel softer and more like a natural breast.
Breast feeding after breast augmentation is possible. There is no danger of breast implant material, saline or silicone, being passed into the breast milk and affecting your child in any way.
Breast implant surgery, like all surgery, carries risks. Dr. Dawli will discuss and provide you with comprehensive patient education materials. The immediate concerns after surgery relate to healing. Capsular contracture (scar tissue around the implant causing breast firmness and sometimes pain) is unpredictable. Implant deflation can occur and is generally harmless but will require another surgical procedure to replace the implant. Infection associated with breast implantation is rare but possible. During your consultations, other risks will be discussed and reviewed prior to your surgery.
Within a three to five after surgery, you will start feeling back to your normal self and your discomfort will be minimized with pain medication. Your sutures will be removed in 2-3 weeks. Patients usually return to work within a week. As your healing and according to how you are feeling, you can increase your activity over the following weeks after surgery.
After surgery, you will have a comfortable surgical bra and a dressing on your incisions. You will eventually be able to wear an underwire bra once your incisions are well healed and Dr. Dawli has recommended replacing your bra. Usually you can wear an underwire bra 6-12 weeks after your surgery, depending on your healing.


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