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PRO-NOX in Buffalo, NY

What is PRO-NOX?

Also known as “laughing gas”, PRO-NOX is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide with a long history of use in medicine and dentistry for therapeutic purposes. PRO-NOX can be used during a variety of procedures to relieve pain and anxiety.

How does PRO-NOX work?

PRO-NOX is made of naturally occuring gases and acts as a weak anesthetic by entering your bloodstream and exerting a sedative effect. These effects wear off as the gases are replaced with normal air and exit your body completely.

When can I use PRO-NOX?

PRO-NOX can be used for both invasive procedures under local anesthesia and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. PRO-NOX is primarily used to offer additional comfort during procedures and help with feelings of anxiety.

How do I use PRO-NOX?

The PRO-NOX pain relief system is self-administered, meaning you will be in control of when and how frequently the PRO-NOX is administered. You will be given a mouthpiece to breathe through to administer PRO-NOX as needed for pain and anxiety relief.

The effects of PRO-NOX will wear off after a few minutes as the nitrous oxide is removed from your system, but you are able to continually breathe through your mouthpiece as needed for additional relief. Because the effects of PRO-NOX wear off quickly once the nitrous oxide is expelled from your body, you will be able to drive yourself home after a brief waiting period.

Are there any side effects of PRO-NOX?

Potential side effects of PRO-NOX include feelings of dizziness, nausea, or a sense of temporary delusion. These symptoms are often quickly resolved by breathing in normal air and usually last only a few minutes.

If you feel nervous or uncomfortable about needles or other aspects of non-invasive treatments, PRO-NOX is a great option to relieve anxiety during your procedure and improve your overall experience! We are excited to offer the PRO-NOX system to our patients at Buffalo Plastic Surgery.

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