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Reconstructive Surgery in Buffalo, NY

Dr. Tamara B. Dawli of Buffalo Plastic Surgery offers reconstructive surgery procedures for both the face, breast, and body in Western New York including Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY.

What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Everyone deserves a chance at a better life and to achieve better form and function and Dr. Dawli performs reconstructive surgery including breast reconstruction, facial reconstruction, burn reconstruction, and skin cancer surgeries. Dr. Dawli is dedicated to improving the lives of adults and children affected by congenital defects, traumatic injuries, cancer treatments, and degenerative diseases. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than one million reconstructive surgery procedures are performed every year.

Who is a Candidate for Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to repair or restore main functionalities of parts of the body damaged by burns, accidents, skin diseases, skin tumors, congenital abnormalities, and other conditions. Dr. Dawli is able to help those suffering from congenital, traumatic, and cancer-induced deformities.

What are My Options After a Dog Bite?

Every year there are more than four million dog bites in the U.S., which is why dog bite reconstruction from Buffalo Plastic Surgery is so essential. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a dog bite, you may require facial or body reconstruction surgery. Quick treatment of dog bite injuries to the face and body can be essential in preserving cosmetic form and functionality. Injuries from a dog attack may require skin grafting and reconstruction. Dr. Dawli will answer any questions you may have about dog bite reconstruction.

What Procedures are Available for Reconstructive Surgery?

Set up your consultation today, and discover our cutting-edge facility. At Buffalo Plastic Surgery we offer a range of reconstructive surgery procedures, including:

Residents of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, as well as Orchard Park, Williamsville, Amherst, Clarence, Hamburg, and West Seneca, can schedule a consultation now with Dr. Tamara B. Dawli, Western New York’s premier cosmetic surgeon, and American Society of Aesthetic Surgery fellowship-trained plastic surgeon for both women and men of all ethnicities. Dr. Tamara B. Dawli performs procedures for both the face and body at Buffalo Plastic Surgery at multiple locations throughout Western New York. Contact us today!

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