Xeomin® in Buffalo, NY

Xeomin® in Buffalo, NYDr. Tamara B. Dawli of Buffalo Plastic Surgery, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a fellowship in cosmetic surgery, offers Xeomin® treatments for both women and men in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area.

What is Xeomin®?

Your emotions are who you are, but after years of facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, and laughing, wrinkles and deep creases can begin to form on your face. Xeomin®, like Botox, is an injectable treatment to treat frown lines and other facial wrinkles. Moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows can be treated with Xeomin®. Unlike dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid, Xeomin® chemically resembles cosmetic injectables like Botox®. Xeomin is considered to be a more purified form of the toxin in Botox. If Botox has stopped working for you, or is not as strong, then Xeomin may offer a better alternative.

How Much Does Xeomin® Cost?

Every patient has unique needs, and your cost will vary accordingly and will be discussed during your consultation. We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards and checks.

Why Choose Xeomin®?

Xeomin® is the newest “frown fixer” available, and it is injected into muscles that cause active wrinkles.

As we age, we begin to have wrinkles and other signs of aging. Xeomin® temporarily relaxes select facial muscles, limiting their ability to contract fully. This helps to give you a younger-looking facial appearance.

Who is a Candidate for Xeomin®?

Commonly used to treat dynamic wrinkles, Xeomin® is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Officially proven to reduce frown lines temporarily, you may look years younger with Xeomin® facial rejuvenation.

What is the Procedure for Xeomin®?

Xeomin® is a quick and easy procedure that blocks overactive muscles that cause wrinkles. A topical anesthetic may be used to minimize the potential for discomfort. Your targeted regions of wrinkles are injected with Xeomin®, and you can resume your routine activities right away.

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