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Out of Town Patients

For those patients who do not live in the Western New York Area, Buffalo Plastic Surgery is pleased to schedule and coordinate your visit with Dr. Dawli. Whether coming from Canada, New York City, Florida or other destinations, patients can expect the highest quality of care with attention to detail and comfort, even when far away from home.

Step 1: Consultation
If you do not live near Buffalo and would like to work with Dr. Dawli, the first step is to request an online consultation by calling Dr. Dawli’s office at (716) 821-2935 or sending an email to info@buffaloplasticsurgery.com. Our cosmetic coordinator will go over the details of the online consultation process.

Step 2: Scheduling
Once you and Dr. Dawli have agreed on the procedures that would best suit your needs, our patient coordinator will help you schedule your surgery, discuss details of the procedure, and make your arrangements and accommodations.

Step 3: Preparation
Once you have planned and scheduled your procedure, there are several aspects that must be addressed in preparation for your visit to Buffalo. The necessary steps will be discussed during your consultation so that you will have plenty of time to prepare.

Step 4: Recovery
It is customary for patients who fly in to Buffalo for procedures with Dr. Dawli to stay in Buffalo for 7 to 10 days after surgery. If you will need additional help after your surgery, we can arrange for a nurse to assist you.
There are numerous options for your stay while in Buffalo. We are happy to handle those details.

Dr. Dawli and her staff are more than prepared to help you each step of the way so that your cosmetic procedure is a success. We are always available for questions, and we looking forward to meeting you.

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